Monday, February 25, 2013


So, a blog. Blawwwwwg. Attempt number, oh who has kept count? I've erased or hidden all my old, teenage angsty, complainy entries. I've gone through DiaryLand, LiveJournal, Xanga, WordPress, you name it. Let's give Blogger a try! I apparently want to keep beating a dead horse, you know? Giddy-up horse! Hmm, why won't you move horsey? Whyyy???

So, all good blogs, Google tells me, have a topic. A theme. Which I suppose is the reason I have had trouble keeping up with my own or finding something interesting to write. My life, doesn't seem so interesting. I don't have kids, I don't have any crazy hobbies. I'm not particularly crafty or artsy, although I desperately wish I could be. I'm also not a fancy writer either, so please don't let my overuse of commas and extra letters and made up words and run-on sentences fool you.

I just realized I was going to start my third paragraph with the word "so" again. SO!? You've got a problem with that? But really, a topic. I don't have one. I can't sum myself up like that. How about life? Can that be it? As boring as I am, I keep changing. I'd like to document that, in all it's boringness/awesomeness. If people can relate, fabulous. If not, well then this is no different from the rest. 

I do imagine you'll be seeing a lot of food, kitty, outdoor, travel, husband related items. I'm a high stress personality and I can worry about things for hours, so that ought to give me enough to write about.

So for a lovely start to this blog and end for this post I present 2 of my 3 kitties. 

Teepin kittehs are cute

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