Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Hair Cliffhanger Is Over

So uh...hi there? How's things been? Good for you? Good here too...so good I just haven't been bothered to post about it. You thought I was quitting, didn't you? Well, ha-ha! Not just yet. However, I regret to say I don't have a fabulous long update since I've been gone, but I've got something at least.

So lets see, the big hair decision, I believe that was the big (so not big) cliffhanger I left off on. Did I do it? Why, yes I did. In the end I figured I've thought about it enough, I might as well do it. (Or, told enough people that I'd feel stupid if I didn't go through with it). If I really hated it...well, then I would just remember this little life lesson I've learned. Happy to say, however, that I do quite like it. My hair stylist dyed my hair closer to its natural color and with those two changes, I feel like I could almost pass for a different person.

Here...let's try another...


Well hey, I at least think I look different. And I like it. So there. I'm learning what to do with it now in the mornings. It takes approximately a bajillion less minutes to do, which I so love and I'm working on several different ways I can style it. I am officially part of the pixie club now. Does that come with a special ID card? Does anybody know?

In other breaking news, the hubby and I spent almost a week in Napa and it was fabulous! Much dining and wandering and buying of material things commenced. That'll have to be a post for another day though. Many pictures to come. I promise...if I get around it it.

And with that, I leave you hanging again. There is one last piece of my mom's apple pie left on the counter from Sunday and it's not just going to eat itself. 

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