Sunday, April 21, 2013

Randomness with a cherry on top

I have a feeling this is going to be a really random post. I just know it before I even start. I'm writing without a purpose but yet have a bunch of things I want to share. So I'm saying sorry right off. But really, I'm not sorry. So, sorry about that.


First off, looking at my audience on this blog is fun:

Apparently Canada and Russia dig me?
Not that I'm aiming for anyone in particular, but I suppose I thought the United States might at least show up on the map? Eh? Eh? Vodka anyone?


In other news, I've been hit with this strong desire to scan in my old photos and share them with others. They've been in a box, tucked away in my closet for years and now I neeeeed to have other people see them. Look at how cute we were! O.M.G., look at my tiny, non-existent tummy. And I thought I was chubby, good Lord. Can you BELIEVE our hair? Why would my mother do that to me? 

Bangs and a perm? Seriously mom, whyyyyyyy?

Today I have the plan to go look at some chairs for my living room with a friend. Chairs I've needed for about...four years now? Don't judge. I'm just a slow interior designer. I want it to look perfect. And I'm lazy. In June it will have been four years since we've moved into our house and while we have a couch we bought to fit the living room right away, we never got around to a couple of chairs to finish it off. I mean, I like the open look but it's a bit awkward when we have people over and they have to sit on the floor. It drives me batty and makes it feel all dorm room around here and I desperately want an adult living room. So I'm at least taking the first step in looking. Go me.


I've recently been trying to go gluten and dairy free. Not that I'm a celiac or lactose intolerant, but my body doesn't seem to like them. So of course, I love them. We are like two third grader best friends. I hate you, but hey, want to have as slumber party? Breadsticks and cheesy sauce? OKAY. I could survive on bread and cheese and oh, how I love my coffee creamer. We have a RELATIONSHIP. So it has been difficult. All, four days of it. I'm not planning a huge life change or anything. I'm not going all Gwyneth. I just want to see if it helps. I kind of hope it doesn't, but at the same time I hope it does. If I can stick to it. Jury is still out and don't get your hopes up is what I'm saying.


So the hubby and I went to Philly and NYC over the weekend. My first time to both places. I loved both, for different reasons. I really enjoy older architecture and the history of a city. Which is probably why I like Europe so much and you could feel that in bits and pieces of Philly. And New York, oh how I enjoy a big city. Choices, which I don't really have where I live, really attract me. Choices of places to eat and shop. Choices of entertainment and events going on every week. Diversity. Options. People watching. Places still open after 9 p.m.

Hotel room view

Sometimes I feel like we were meant to live in a big city, but picking up and leaving what you've known for most your life is hard. It's comfortable here. Safe. I know what to expect. But oh, the longing for what I don't have. Grass is always greener, I suppose.  


I need to go take a shower. I want to grab another cup of coffee (with my coconut milk french vanilla creamer). Furniture shopping is impending. Must Pinterest to get ideas. Wish me luck.

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