Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Plans

Well you guys, summer is upon us. Or, will be soon. June seems like it should be summer to me. I feel like it should be at least 70 degrees in Michigan right now. I'm not even that far north. But alas, it's a whole whopping 65 out right now. I actually do prefer cooler weather, and my favorite season is fall, but I want at least a mini summer experience before fall is here again. 72-75 degrees would be nice. Warm enough so that I can shut off my desk heater at work at least. Tank tops and shorts and flip flop weather, ya know?

Speaking of summer, the hubby and I have some plans for the upcoming months and I thought I'd share our first planned trip with you all.

For our 7th anniversary, we are headed to Saugatuck Michigan to enjoy a long weekend at a nice little B&B. Neither of us have been there before, or Holland for that matter, but we both enjoy the little downtown areas of Michigan, Lake Michigan and that general hippie/artsy/sailor-ish vibe that those types of locations ooze.

Pure Michigan: Saugatuck - check it out!

We plan to get there bright and early to take a roasting class at Uncommon Grounds. They offer several different types of classes, all 2 hours and 20 bucks per person. As my other half is a bit of a coffee snob and I enjoy the beautiful brown liquid (with much creamer) myself, it sounded like a fun thing to do to start our first morning off there. I like to support little coffee shops like that vs. big brand name places and I think it's great that they try to visit and get to know their farmers as well.

Not Uncommon Grounds, but delicious coffee
goodness none the less. Also, foodie Instagram photos!

We also plan to visit several restaurants in the area. This is a common thread on all our vacations. I'd say we probably spend more money of food vs. entertainment and souvenirs whenever we travel. Yes, I am that hipster foodie picture taker person. I will inflict you with multiple Instagram photos of our meals. I'm sorry...maybe. A couple of locations on our list to dine at are Salt of the Earth and Everyday People Cafe. These were suggested to us by the B&B owner so I will trust their judgement.

I will be doing a fair bit of reading during our visit too. (Any suggestions I can add to my list?) Had I planned better, I would have rented a small B&B cabin (which seems to be pretty popular in the area) and read on a cute little porch all day. However, as those were all sold out and/or I'm not willing to throw down a thousand dollars for a few days, I will either be reading in a cute little (and I do mean little) B&B bedroom or perhaps will stake out a location that I can call my own for a few hours downtown. Either way, I will enjoy it.

The count down is on! What are you doing this summer?

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