Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here are some pictures to look at...so let's pretend I haven't been gone so long!

So uh...hi there! I've been busy. And sort of ignoring my blog. I've actually opened it several times, created a few posts and then decided I didn't like them, so I never hit publish. Life has been rolling right along. Trips to family in Ohio, twice actually. Fourth of July and visiting with out of town family. Trip to Pennsylvania. Vacations. Work. We've been on the move. Please accept my apologies in not writing. Or don't. I suppose I can't really make you.

I'm sorry I actually don't have a topic to cover today as I need to leave in 10 minutes (life, it just won't slow down) but I wanted to say doooonnn't leeeeeave meeeeeee! And! Here are some pictures to keep you around for a little while longer. Until I update again. Soon (date to be determined).

Cat naps on a Saturday
Downtown Pittsburgh

Lovebirds nesting while visiting Saugatuck

Pure Michigan

I'll be back soon with lots of fun updates and news and hopefully a much longer post! Stay tuned!

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